Conquering Banaue Rice Terraces!

It’s been a long dream to visit one of the wonders of the Philippines which is the Banaue Rice Terraces. Last April 27, 2014 that dream came true when I was given a chance to visit Banaue, Ifugao for their IMBAYAH Festival.

Before  attending the Imbayah Festival, Me and my nephew signed for a photo tour around the Banaue Rice Terraces. Early morning we took our breakfast and headed to the place we are going to meet other photo trekker. The photo is scheduled at 9am.

My nephews and I, got some gatorade, some candies and cookies for this photo trekking tour.

Here are some of the photos from our Photo Trekking which took us 4 hours to go back to the other side. Others walked 5 hours.

Banaue Rice Terraces

The view from the main view deck. This is the same rice terraces that you can see in your 1000 peso bill.

Banaue Rice TerracesBanaue Rice TerracesBanaue Rice Terraces

Tips on Trekking Banaue:

1. Make sure you wear a comfortable clothes.
2. Wear a footwear that are for trekking. (There are some areas that are muddy and slippery.
3. Bring some foods like sweets, candies, cookies, or something to eat.
4. Have a water or energy drinks to replenish you. You surely going to sweat a lot with all the climbs and walk.
5. Of course bring your camera and take a lot of photos ( it surely worth the trip).

Going to Banaue:

There are buses going to Banaue, one bus company is the OHAYAMI. This is the bus we took, as according to their profile, its the only bus company that is registered to go to Banaue. There is also the FLORIDA bus company. But its your choice which bus you like.

Here is the link for the OHAYAMI BUS COMPANY WEBSITE:

Ohayami has two scheduled trips  9pm and 10pm. I suggest you reserved your ticket at least one day before your trip. Because they only have 2 trips most of the time their buses are always full if you buy on the same day.

Hope this help you decide on your trip to Banaue.

For more photos you can follow on Flickr.

Until the next adventure.

Your Pinoy Adventurer


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