Masskara Festival of Bacolod City – Philippine Festival

Have you ever been to the land of a smile?

Visit and enjoy the Masskara Festival of Bacolod during the month of October. One of the liveliest and colorful festivals in the Philippines.

Bacolod City’s annual festival which is held every fourth Sunday of October.


Bacolod City is located at the western Visayas (Region IV) of the Philippines. The distance of Manila, the capital of the Philippines to Bacolod City is around 485 km. You can travel to Bacolod via air in less than an hour.

Festival Events and Activities

There are many events and activities that you can attend during the masskara festival.

  • MassKara Parade Dance.
  • Electric MassKara.
  • MassKara Queen Beauty Pageant.
  • Street Dance Competition.
  • Run for R.I.C.O.
  • MassKara Festival Music.
  • Mask Making Competitions.
  • Pole Climbing.
  • Nights of Mardi Gras

The highlight of the festivities is the masskara street parade dance. I attended the MassKara Parade dance and the Electric Masskara. See below for the photos.MassKara FestivalMassKara FestivalMassKara FestivalMassKara FestivalMassKara FestivalMassKara Festival

Next sets of photos are taken during the Electric MassKara parade and dance competition.

MassKara FestivalMassKara FestivalMassKara FestivalMassKara Festival

Hotels and Accommodations

Hotels and Pensions Inn are available throughout the city of Bacolod. Book early because a month prior to the event most of the hotels and accommodations are already full. We were lucky enough to be booked by a friend in the main street where the parade passes. Check websites and apps that offer an early booking.

Tips for the First-Timers

  1. Prepare for the weather. Be sure to check the weather conditions during your visit. During my visit, the weather is not that good. Most of the time its cloudy and some rains during the day. Night time is not good either as it was raining hard.
  2. Know where to go after the festival. If ever you are planning to stay longer after the festival, be sure to know where to go. There are places that you can visit during your stay. I highly recommend “The Ruins” and Mambukal Falls.
  3. Get an ID for Photographers. The festival committee gives ID for photographers. So if you really want to get a better view of the festival I suggest apply for the ID. They have the online form, be sure to apply early so you get a slot.
  4. Be hydrated. Be sure to bring water with you during the event. I am sure the whole area will be jam-packed with people.
  5. Leave your valuables. If you are ready to take photos, I highly suggest that you leave your valuables specially your wallet behind. Just bring enough money in your pocket. Why? Just take my words for it and believe me. I don’t want to elaborate more of my not so good experience.

Additional Side Trips

Bacolod City Ruins
“The Ruins”
Mambukas Falls
Mambukal Water Falls

These are just some of the photos. If you want to see more of the photos of my adventure trip to Bacolod City and the MassKara Festival, you can follow me on my Flickr account.

I do hope you enjoy what you see. If you have any further questions or anything to say about this blog just post your comments below.

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