Good Morning Sunrise. First Experience!

I have been to Baguio many times. I have photographed most of its places to see. I even transfer and lived in Baguio now, but only this time I was able and got a chance to capture the beauty of the sunrise in Baguio City.

Through a group of photography enthusiast , I was able to meet and make new friends.

On their trip to Baguio City, they were accommodated in a house by a great person (Sir Gab). I joined the group and stayed in overnight, to be able to wake up early and have the sunrise shoot.

We enjoyed the night and talked about photography and at the same time eating food that was prepared. Testing our gadgets for tomorrow’s shooting. Going to bed early so we can have energy for the sunrise. Setting all our alarms at 5am.

Indeed, 5am strikes. One alarm after the other. Waking up us all. NO minute to spare, grabbing our cameras and tripods and headed straight to the garden. Setting my camera and positioned myself.

Here are the photos captured during my first shoot of the Baguio City sunrise! The place is in the Garden of Sir Gaby at Beckel, Baguio City.

At 5am this is the first photo I got. It is surely worth waking up this early so that I can see and photographs this beautiful sunrise.

Beckel, Baguio City Sunrise
Beckel, Baguio City Sunrise
Beckel, Baguio City Sunrise
Beckel, Baguio City Sunrise

The sunrise was so fast, it gives us only 30 minutes to capture each color. So there is no time to waste, we need every minute and clicked every photographs.

Beckel, Baguio City Sunrise
Beckel, Baguio City Sunrise

The mountain horizons gives hue to the sunrise as the clouds sets. What a beauty our nature gives us.

The beauty of the sunrise gives me a new energy and new meaning to a new life. Live each day, like a sunrise. When it’s done for a day it will come back tomorrow.

Let’s appreciate what we have, let enjoy the beauty of the nature. Let’s preserved the color it brings to our photographs. For tomorrow, a unique color it will bring to us once more.

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Your Pinoy Adventurer!

15 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunrise. First Experience!

    1. This is not from the CVMP Fatlak. We were luckily invited to go back..Only 5 of us plus two kids from fellow photographers was in his house during this shots..A view from Sir Gaby’s house is so nice that you wanted to go back for more….

  1. beautiful photos! ♥
    I’ve been to Baguio a couple of times but never had the chance to see the sunrise, since the earliest time I wake up there was past 6am :3

    thank you for sharing one of God’s wonderful creation 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures! For a sec I thought I was looking at paintings! I have never been to Baguio, and I am looking forward to seeing wonderful sunrise and sunsets too. 😉

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